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"Your Feel Better Challenge - FREE
Heal Your Stress, Disease, Or Conflict... 
Life-Changing, Habit-Breaking, Neural-Pathway-Creating TRANSFORMATION!
5 Healing Sessions + Feel Better Blueprint & 2 Healing Encoded Feel Better Posters To Tape On Your Mirror/Fridge
PLUS: NEW All-Day, Interactive Heal-a-thon!!!
Within 12 hours, it was completely, I mean completely healed...
“I’ve been following you and did your healing exercise just a couple of times. I had a badly burned neck from a microwave accident and had a nasty, brown, weeping wound. Within 12 hours, the next day, my neck was completely… I mean completely healed. Not a sign of any scar... a miracle. I’d shown a friend who had seen the wound only 12 hours before and he was amazed. Thank you so much. Even my doctor was amazed......Truly grateful for your healing. Bless you."  ~ Rosemary Saunders (UK)
The Feel Better Challenge Will Support You To...
  • Feel Better: Experience a 2-step activation process to transform into a state of calm, confidence, peace and power
  •  Live At A Safer & Saner Pace: Receive a surprising yet specific and proven healing session to create a new movement in your life at a saner, safer pace
  •  Move The Needle On Your Prosperity: Discover the quickest way to rewire and reprogram the neural pathways in your brain to change your financial well being 
  •  Experience Physical Healing: Undergo a special healing session using the renowned and popular healing accelerant The Spontaneous Transformation Technique to address physical disease, injury or upset
  •  Activate The Conflict Releaser: Receive a personal activation that actually creates new solutions and resources to apply to your relationships (even the ones that seemed hopeless)
  •  5 Potent Audios & Video Healing Sessions Are Waiting For YOU... all healing session are available as soon as you register, powerful healing frequencies are embedded into the recordings. Start whenever you join in and do the 5-Sessions at your pace.
  •  **BONUS** Heal-a-thon: Experience rare, 1-1 healing session direct from Jennifer in a group dynamic. WOW!
  •  ALSO **BONUS 2** Downloads of Your Feel Better 6-Stage Blueprint AND 2 Healing Encoded Posters to tape to your mirror, bulletin board, desk, refrigerator... and feel better each time you look at them!
Bonus 1, 6 Stage Feel Better Blueprint: You have a chance to download your Feel Better 6 Stage Blueprint... to change your neural pathways as you watch your life move into more calm, peace and happiness.
You'll  be able to access over and over the proven formula to accelerate healing based on modern science and ancient wisdom.

AND Bonus 2, Healing Encoded Posters: 2 Healing Encoded Posters you can tape to your mirror, bulletin board, desk, refrigerator... and feel better each time you look at them!  These REALLY work!

PLUS Bonus 3, Heal-a-thon: Receive healing session after session as I work with others in the popular, proven healing breakthrough model that is the all day "Heal-a-thon." WOW!
Why is the "Feel Better Challenge" Free?
My name is Jennifer McLean, and I have been helping tens of thousands over the last 2 decades with unique transformational techniques that accelerate change in remarkable ways...

Ways, in fact, that your current state of mind, your neurology, may not be able to really comprehend... 

(Which is part of the reason why many things you may have tried in the past just simply couldn't work -- but more about that later.)

Even though we may not know each other very well yet, I have a grand intention and commitment to contribute to the well-being of as many as possible. 

It is partly why I am here, and it's likely why you are reading these words.

So, from that, my deep wish is for you to:

1) Feel safe while you experience something fun yet deeply life-changing. I promise you will laugh as you transform.

2) Try an easy-to-do yet profound system of neural-pathway-creating change that has helped tens of thousands already. In fact, there are over 400 certified practitioners and another 500 practitioners in training for this popular healing system and global phenomenon called "The Spontaneous Transformation Technique."

3) Get to know me. Let's start an easy, friendly, fun 5-session connection, and you can simply finish up our time together once the 5 days are complete... and after you have experienced deep transformation and healing. 

4) Commit to something that is bite-size (only 5 sessions)... that reduces your sense of risk yet could deliver an enormous return on your time invested.
I'm delighted to play together with you in these 5 sessions of deep healing; yours free of charge. 

These 5 sessions could be that moment you point to next month, next year, even a decade from now and say, "THAT was the start."

I would be so honored to support you in an accelerated, proven transformation.

At this stage, what is there to lose except maybe conflict, stress and disease?
To Access Your 5 Sessions + Heal-a-thon, for Life-Changing, Habit-Breaking, Neural-Pathway-Creating TRANSFORMATION... 
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